Friday, May 28, 2010

Long Weekend / Quick Recipe / Tattoos

I don't know about you guys, but I'm SO ready for the long weekend! In fact, I think my brain is already on vacation... funny how that happens, eh?

Anyway, I thought I'd use this opportunity to catch up on a coupla things I've been meaning to post about...

First of all, potstickers. Aren't they awesome? I bought a couple of bags of them at the Asian Market, but you can get them at any grocery store. Usually they're pretty low in fat (if you get the vegetarian ones like I do), and pretty dern easy to cook up.

For some reason I have terrible problems getting them to NOT stick to my stainless steel pans. They always end up in a big clumpy mess, so I would highly recommend using a non-stick pan (which I have yet to own).

I think they could possibly be the best quick-recipe ever, as you just put 'em in a pan with some oil, cook 'em till they're brown, then add a bit of water & let them sit for about 5 minutes. I added about a cup of frozen broccoli at this point along with some teriyaki and spicy sweet & sour sauce - and there you have it! Dinner in 10 minutes! Nummers.

Second of all, TATTOOS! I just realized that I never posted about these babies that I got a little while ago. They're my prickly pear cacti, and I absolutely love them. I got them at Sol Tribe in Denver from Aron, and I think he did an amazing job. The whole reason I got them was to commemorate the awesome trip I had with the girls to Sedona, AZ last Memorial Day weekend. I guess it's kinda appropriate that I'm posting about them today, since it's pretty much the 1-year anniversary of that vacation! :)

Hope you all have an AWESOME (and safe) Memorial Day weekend!

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