Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flowery Dress for Spring!

When my mom and I went shopping Sunday, I picked up this super adorable dress at Ross (golly I love Ross - they have the CUTEST dress selection), and these Harajuku Lovers wedges at DSW (only $26 - whaa??)!

I just love everything that Gwen Stefani creates.... check out more of the Harajuku Lovers shoe line here.

This dress totally made me think of something that would come from Betsey Johnson's clothing line - another designer that I would buy absolutely everything from if I could only afford it. I love the way that she uses tons of bright colors, contrasting patterns, and comes up with designs that are super girlie but super funky as well.

The best part of my Ross dress is that it was only $9!! Only slightly less than Betsey's go for... ;)

I may actually try this outfit out again with some bright colored socks too... I've noticed that the shoes rub a bit on my heels. And socks with open-toed shoes are SO in this season!

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