Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ironman 2 - My review

Last night I went out & saw a movie, which I hardly ever do these days. I saw "Ironman 2" which I figured would be a fun action movie, since I did enjoy the first one! Well, I'd have to say that #2 was just "okay". It was good & all, but I have my fair share of thoughts about it.... ***SPOILER ALERT*** I will be giving away certain plot points here, so unless you've seen the movie, you may want to hold off...

1.) I didn't even realize that Mickey Rourke was in this movie (shows how often I watch TV, eh?), and MAN - looking at that guy's face for 2 hours is downright painful. That is one ugly mug - I'm sorry! And he had these nasty fingernails, and there's a part where they take his boots off him and show his feet.... BLEAH! I almost barfed in the split-second they were shown. Was that really necessary?

2.) Scarlett Johannsen is gorgeous, and I would've liked to see more of her kickin' some bad-guy ass.

3.) The plot was a bit waning in parts, but eh, watcha gonna do.

4.) Sam Rockwell is awesome - he was such a great douchebag! I LOVED that they gave him "spray-tan-hands" too (where your hands are stained orange from rubbing in fake-tans) - that was a really nice touch. It made him all the more douchey!

5.) And here comes the big spoiler.... at the end when Robert Downey, Jr and Gwenyth Paltrow finally become a "thing" is the MOMENT after she resigns as C.E.O. of his company. What the shit?? So she can't be the head of a huge corporation AND get the guy? My feminist fires were raging at that moment. Why couldn't they just let her stay in that position? Noooooo no, no, no.... a man can have the ridiculous amounts of money, the amazing job, any woman he wants.... but the woman has to choose between them. I'll get off my soapbox in a sec - I just hope that there were a couple of guys out there that noticed the flaw in the story there too. There are men that appreciate women in power, and understand their value. I just hate that these double-standards still find their way into popular culture on a regular basis.... sigh - 'tis the world we live in!

OK - that's pretty much it for me. I did enjoy the film in general, so if you're up for a fun action flick, then this is your cup o' tea! I think I'll wait for video next time.... ;)


Jen said...

So can't wait to see this movie! And who I want to see the most?... Mickey Rourke for some reason. He looks bad ass in this movie!

Beth B said...

Haha! That's pretty funny... Yah, he still has this strange draw for some reason... maybe it's just his weirdness that makes him cool! I still have trouble with his face, but I gotta give him credit - he can do a pretty damn good Russian accent! :)