Monday, March 9, 2009

8 cops - one big tab!

A few nights ago I enjoyed an AWESOME Greek dinner at Pete's Central One -- with the whole shebang of Greek goodies: Flaming cheese, Ouzo shots, and the best Dolmas in Denver.

I arrived a little early (my friend's tattoo consultation took less time than I thought it would) and watched as a large table of 8 cops in full-uniform stuffed the last bits of their over sized Greek dinners down into their bellies.

A older man at another table waived the waitress over, and offered to pick up the tab for their entire table! Of course, the entire table of cops refused -- I mean, those were 8 fully grown large-appetited men! The food at this place is really reasonably priced, but I still can't imagine what the tab was. After much back & forth (and some uncomfortable silences) I watched as the cops finally caved to the man's generous offer, and politely thanked him numerous times before leaving.

Honestly, I wasn't sure what to make of all of it! What if these were the "bad cops" that you see in movies -- double-dealing, false-arresting, causing-trouble, bad-guys-in-disguise?

Then again, maybe these were the good guys -- the ones risking their lives to Serve & Protect for the greater good, and having to deal with crazy-ass crackheads, or angry motorists all day long to go home exhausted every night to their families, just to wake up the next morning & do it all over again.

I'm going to just say it was the latter in this case, 'cause that was some darn good Greek eats, and those guys deserve it. 4 sho.