Friday, December 31, 2010

Things I want to accomplish in 2011

(in no particular order)

- Pass my skills test, and be recruited to an RMRG team so that I can bout for REALS!
- Visit my big sister in NYC
- Go vegan (& stay there)
- Pay off a credit card
- Discover something new about myself
- Pick up a new hobby
- Create my own custom recipe book
- Laugh a LOT
- Ride my bike more
- Take a vacation (or 2)
- Have the most amazing 30th birthday party ever
- Learn how to tap dance
- Read a lot of books
- Contribute to a cause
- Make my own Kombucha
- See an old friend
- Take more photos
- Work harder at being Green / wasting less
- Get back into doing yoga regularly
- Finish watching the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series
- Create more
- Do thoughtful things for my friends
- Remind my family how much I love them
- Get another tattoo
- Make the world a better place (even just a little better)

What do YOU want to accomplish in 2011?

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010 - Hooray!

Yay!! Christmas photos! We ended up having a wonderful WONDERFUL Christmas, and here are the pictures to show it. Enjoy! :)

My big sister, Amber. I'm so glad she could fly in from New York, although her and her boyfriend got stuck here a little while longer than expected since NYC got 29" of snow over the weekend! WOWZA! We were happy to have them longer, of course.

My little sister Taryn, nom nom noming away on a Christmas cookie.

Taryn made herself a Christmas cocktail - vodka with a peppermint stir stick. I'm not a fan of peppermint, so I took her word for it that it was good!

Amber and her boyfriend Rob decided to cook us all a traditional Italian night-before-Christmas dinner. I guess they do 7 fishes - 4 for uhm... something... and 3 for the Holy Trinity. They accidentally miscounted and we ended up only having 6... well, if you count goldfish crackers as 1. Hey, they tried! :)

Rob is a good cook, from the front AND the back! Haha!

Tuna & olive tapenade, lox, and crabcakes - oh my!

Yeah, that's one yummy meal. Luckily none of us got mercury poisoning!

This is my kitty Dimitri. He lives with my parents for the time being. Isn't he the cutest?

WOOHOO - BOOTY SHORTS!!! I can't wait to wear these to derby practice - I love them!! :)

I love stockings, and all of the goodies that come inside of them!

Mmmmmmmmmmm.......Egg casserole! A family tradition. Of course, originally we only made one type with eggs, cheese, milk and sausage. Now we have a vegetarian (me) and a lactose-intolerant (Taryn). So we make 3!

Rob was very excited to get his little toys!

Awwwwwwww - a "thank you" smooch! Rob got Amber a "Nook" so that she could read books all the time just by downloading them. It's also much lighter to carry around while she's hoofing all over the Big Apple!

Amber & Rob got us all buttons at Comic Con. This one is one of my favorites!

More buttons! For reals, these crack me up! Taryn's says "lump" and Amber's is a tornado with a mustache.

The "Nook" thank-you sequence.

The wreckage!

My mom trying to remember who a certain box was for.... I guess she forgot to write it down!

Mmm... iPod shuffles are yummy!

Grandma's gifts to the family - she painted them just for us.

OH, and knitted them just for us too. :)

My mom MADE these for me - aren't they awesome?? She printed my derby name off on a bunch of bumper stickers! I was so surprised and impressed. I told her I wouldn't even give her crap that it's a rollerblade, and not a skate. Although I kinda did. ;)

One of my favoritest Amber photos to date.

A new Christmas ornament for my tree at home! Isn't he hilarious? His arms wiggle around too because they're on springs. I could not stop cracking up at it.

A pre-walk nappy nap.

Playing with the new toys!

Taryn - she has no idea how cute she is!!

Look ma! I'm riding an imaginary bicycle with no hands!

Hey everyone! Come and see how good we look!

Hi-YAH!!! I love that both of their bellies popped out in this one. Haha!

These guys are such hams.

I can't stop laughing at this photo!! It's totally one of my favorites. The expression on my mom's face is priceless. We kept telling her to jump, and she kept saying "no". Then we just counted "ONE....TWO....THREE!" and this is what she did. Hilarious!!

Yeah, I'm cool.

I love sun-glare!

She stuck a feather in her hair and called it macaroni!!

We really like to jump in photos!

Check out that view of the Rockies! Holy cow!

Hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas as I did, and that you have a very happy & safe New Year's! :)