Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ho Ho Hoes VS The Grinches Bout!

A couple of weekends ago we had another friends & family bout featuring all Kill Scout level and Newbie skaters (that haven't passed their skills test yet).

It was the Ho Ho Hoes (My team) VS the Grinches, and boy was it a heck of a bout! We were down about 30 points most of the game, but tore it UP during the 2nd period lessening the gap by 20 points - final score 102 Grinches, 92 Hos. I couldn't have been happier though, and it was a super fun game.

My name for the bout was Mistle Ho #K155. But the biggest deal is that I chose my official derby name now! In the derby world, I'll now be called Sweet Dee Termination #3710 (symbolic of the first day I put on skates since I was a kid). ;)

I'm pretty darn happy - even in a mouthguard. ;)

Cat A Combs (center) and Sunny D were such good blockers - they were on me the whole time! They did a great job though - I love those girls!

That's my derby wife - Quentin Tarintoya. She can one-on-one block the crap outta anybody. That was pretty much my goal the entire bout - trying to get by her!

Well howdy, everybody!!

One of my favorite photos of the day! I guess that's why they call me Dee Termination, huh? ;)

Who knew the holidays could look so mean? Haha!

I'm still trucking, but BOY am I tired!

All black & white photos courtesy of Dave Wood Photography.
All color photos courtesy of Jay Vollmar.



Meredith said...

Love the Derby name! Is there perhaps a reference to "Always Sunny" in there?

Beth B said...

Thanks darlin'!! Yeah, maybe a little bit. ;) I thought it was a good cross between happy & badass. Just like me! Haha!

Blogger Grrl said...

Looks like Sunny caught you with an elbow, there. ;)Looks like a really fun bout!