Monday, May 10, 2010

Slush Jam - 2010

Early Saturday morning some friends & I partied it up end-of-the-snowboarding-season style the right way at Arapahoe Basin!

We started off with mimosas, which led to good ol' grilled grub (yes, I brought my veggie burgers), and plenty o' beer. We had some fun costumes, and although it did get pretty cold that day, we had tons of fun. I was pretty darn pooped by that evening!

The '09 / '10 boarding season was not the best I've ever encountered - and I didn't go up to the mountains all that much because of it. Here's hopin' that our partying will act as some kind of "snow dance" for next season....

Mister Grimes was nice enough to be the driver in his pimp new Subaru.... no really - it's totally pimp. Below I'm eating his jacket. 'Cause it's yummy.

Stacey wearing my coat - she got pretty dern cold up there! I love this photo of her - so funny!


Little Brody - the pup of the moment. I love this guy!

Brian's awesome teddy bear hat.

We're quite the colorful bunch!

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Ryan Nowosielski said...

Awesome... First thing that came up when I googled 'Slush Jam'.