Monday, May 24, 2010

Dinner and a Movie with Mom

Saturday night after my awesome Farmers Market / Grocery shopping experience, my mom & I met up for dinner and a chick flick.

We went to a new place called Restaurant Home, that served modern comfort food. It was really delicious!

My mom got a Long Island Iced tea, but I tried out their Pear Mojito. It wasn't really anything special honestly - but it did pack quite a punch!

For appetizers we got onion "rings" with some kind of spicy mayo dipping sauce, and beet salad which was my favorite. The beets were really thinly sliced, and they were laid on top of a light & flaky pastry, topped with greens, a light dressing, and goat cheese. I could've had two of those!

For entrees, my mom got BBQ sliders, and I got a grilled cheese sandwich with the the most buttery & rich tomato soup I've ever had!

We took pictures outside the restaurant too - although it was crazy windy, it was a lovely evening for just walking around.

The chick flick we saw was Letters to Juliet, which to put it perfectly honestly - we found AWFUL. BLEAH! I certainly enjoy my fair share of chick flicks from time to time, but they have to be witty, have some decent acting & chemistry, and have some decent dialogue. This movie struck out time & time again, to the point where my mom and I were practically gagging at the end on the cheesy lines and ridiculous claims of "love" from two people that barely even knew each other.

There was no trace of a comic relief during the entire 2 hours, which made for really long boring scenes with no witty quip or physical humor from a funny friend creating a break in between the drama.

The only redeeming quality was Vanessa Redgrave, who pulled a lovely performance out of a bland & boring plot line. She brought me to tears at a couple of points just from her facial expressions. I just love her!

Other than that though - please save yourself the 2 hours! Just go to the website & watch the trailer. I kid you not - it tells you the ENTIRE story (beginning to end), without all the boring parts in between. You can fill in the little holes (trust me, it don't take a rocket scientist to figure out what happens)!

I know it must seem like I bash movies a lot on my blog - and I really don't mean to! I'm not a negative person, I swear! I SWEAR!! :)
There are so many awesome movies out there that I love & adore, I've just had a couple of strike outs lately. I LOVE chick flicks, just not this one.

Hope you all had a great rest of your weekend! After Saturday my mom & I spent the day shop shop shopping until we pretty much dropped. It was a great mother/daughter time!

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