Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life is like....

...well, I guess the photo says it all!
Things have been much better yesterday/today, and I feel like I'm finally getting in some much needed relaxin' time. A lot of my friends (well, most of them to be truthful) went to Moab for the weekend, but I opted to stay in town and decompress from my crazy social schedule.

I finally received my "Zombie at Tiffany's" t-shirt from Threadless, and I totally LOVE it!

I haven't worn these wedge platform shoes in ages either, and I figured they were a nice contrast to graphic nature of my t-shirt. I just love wearing irony!

I trucked my booty on down to the Farmer's Market today too, as I was in desperate need of fresh food. I was in a "eat everything in my cupboard before spending money on groceries again" mode, so I was really craving some REAL food (and having a meal that didn't consist of bread & peanut butter).

Well, this little guy (below) got me started with something new & different - it was SO delicious. I don't even know what it's called, but I want to say Arepas? It tasted like a kind of corn bread (I know for a fact it was gluten-free), and the girl stuffed it full of super fresh mozzarella, fried plantains, and a basil-avocado sauce. I practically ate the whole thing in only 2 bites it was that amazing! I wish I knew how to make it myself! I hope they have a booth set up again next weekend....

I love it when I come home to an empty refrigerator that I can fill up with gorgeous colorful foods! Those Budweisers aren't mine by the way... a friend left them over at my apartment, and I've been really trying not to just drink 'em myself. Haha!

I was craving some coconut sorbet, so I treated myself to the oh-so-delicious Ciao Bella. They make the most wonderful flavors, and they're all natural - BONUS! I cooked up some frozen pineapple in a pan with some brown sugar, and added my own tropical topping. It was so yummy. Now I think I need to lay off my indulging though.... I even almost made a breakfast burrito when I got home! Ha! All this beautiful food just inspires me!


Meredith said...


I went to a famous arepa restaurant in NYC (featured on Bobby Flay's "Throwdown") and totally fell in love with them. I'm psyched to know they are now available at the Farmer's Market. Have you visited the Denver Biscut Truck yet?

Can we have a FM date soon? Now that the produce is finally coming in...

Beth B said...

They're a whole new thing for me, and I think I'm in love too! Love at first bite. haha! I don't think I saw the Biscuit truck, but I'm all about that.

Let's totally do a Farmer's Market date fo' shizz! Yum!