Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Leap Year

I was super lazy this weekend & didn't blog at all! But every girl needs a little break, right?

I have a bunch to fill you in on, but since my 3-day-weekend brain is still out and I haven't uploaded my photos yet, I'll fill you in on a super cute movie I watched this weekend. Leap Year!

Remember in this post when I was talking about awful insulting-my-intelligence examples of the romantic comedy genre? Well, this one was MUCH better, and super cute to boot.

Was it predictable? Yes. Was most of it filmed using a green-screen rather than actually filmed in Ireland? Yes. Was there a ridiculously handsome dude in it? Yes! And thank GOODNESS - they actually had clever people writing the script that not only knew how to throw in some comedy now & then, but created some realistic love-dialogue rather than the so-sweet-I-could-barf stuff of Letters to Juliet. It probably helped that Amy Adams & Matthew Goode are awesome actors too!

So see? I do like movies! Yay! Even silly predictable ones like this. :)

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