Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Katy & George - ENGAGED!

I am so happy for these guys!! Katy is one of my closest friends, and I couldn't be more excited for the two of them. Here are some photos of the day George popped the question, as well as the story behind it....

Katy had no idea what I was planning, which is just how I wanted it. I bought the ring the week before and knew I wanted to go to some pretty nature spot to ask her. I suggested taking the motorcycle up to Estes Park because we have not really gotten a chance to ride together yet this season. We made the 90 or so mile trek up to Estes, and our butts were very sore when we arrived! Like anything, you have to work your way up to such a long ride - lesson learned. Anyways, so we go to Estes, continued on to Rocky Mountain National Park. I was running low on gas, and I was not quite sure where the spot I had picked out with my cousin Jason the week prior was. I guess it didn't really matter, because Katy got cold (the sun is shining in RMNP, but there is still 3 feet on the side of the road). We were almost on our way out of the park, so I pulled over and found what I hoped to be a semi-decent place. There were lots of people around, so I suggested we go exploring off-trail. The spot was not exactly what I had planned, but I could not really bear it any longer - I was too nervous! So, I got on one knee and proposed. She was very surprised, but very excitedly said yes. Then I forgot to put the ring on her finger. Whoops! We hung out for a bit there (pic 1), climbed back up and had someone take a pic for us (pic 2), and then grabbed lunch in town and rode home. We went out later to watch the roller-derby bout and meet up with some friends. That's the story!

CUTE, eh? Katy is already talking about doing some kind of destination, which fits perfectly with her adventurous personality. I will have to start saving up my money now, as I'm definitely going to be there (wherever they go) to celebrate! Sigh, love is certainly in the air! :)

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