Friday, June 11, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend - Events & Pics!

Well, guess who finally got around to posting pictures of her crazy Memorial Day Weekend! Yah, it only happened, what - 2 weeks ago?? Haha! Ah, well - better late than never I always say.

The weekend started off Friday night (2-weeks ago Friday, mind you) with Martha's going away party (Martha is with me in the pic above). She headed to Oregon for school for 2-years, but hopefully she'll come back to us after that.

All of my cutie-cute guy friends came out to say goodbye...

..and eat up plenty of grub! (It was so ridiculously yummy - we actually cleaned them out too!)

Mmmmmmm - there's a good shot of the grub! SOOO yummy. I'm in love with Kona Brewing Company's beer selection right now too. Wailua Wheat is my favorite - it has a hint of passion fruit flavor, making it perfect for summertime.

The reason I'm wearing my Rocky Mountain Rollergirl shirt in the pics above, is because right after Martha's party I went straight to LoDo (Lower Downtown Denver) to meet up with my derby girls for a pub crawl!

They were all pretty housed by then (which was hilarious), but I was so paranoid about driving with any teensy bit of alcohol in my system that I avoided the booze completely. It was still a good time though for sure!

Annia LateHer giggling at something....

Heather is so freakin' cute!

Dancin' to the not-very-good band... they didn't have to be awesome to deserve some derby girls boogie-ing!

Esther's fantastic adjustment to her RMRG shirt....

Just a bunch of silly girls having a super good time on the town!

OH, and we came across the Ghostbusters car. I think they were promoting the upcoming "Ghostbusters 3", but we could've cared less. We just wanted a pic with the car!

Moving right along to Saturday! We spent the majority of the day in Wash Park playing volleyball & just hanging out. It was a great day, and I made up for my lack of drinking the night before at the park during the day...

...guess it probably would've been a good idea to alternate my beers with water though, as we were sitting in the sun for about 6 hours! Ah, well. Summer does crazy things to my sense of logic...

Hangin' out with the girls - bikinis & bikes - hells yeah!

Oh YEAH - and BEERS! :)

It's important to be sure that you have the proper amount of blood in your brain. Headstands can easily remedy any problems with this.

Monday morning, Nicole, Lindsey & I took a hike near Red Rocks. It was a beautiful morning, and I was kicking myself for wearing jeans as it got really freakin' hot really quickly. Lindsey brought her cute new adopted pup along too (Molly)!

I'm such an explorer, eh? Or at least I kinda look like one?

Hammin' it up!

Kisses from little Molly! Haha!

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day too!
Let's see if I can keep up with things now, huh? :)

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