Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Veganism... again?

After my ridiculous amount of gorging on breakfast burritos while camping this weekend (photos will be up soon of that trip!) I have decided to try & give Veganism another go. It'll probably be a casual attempt - mostly just eating that way at home, and avoiding it as much as possible when out. It'll be more of a "healthy change" that I really need than anything!

Not only did I eat about 5 delicious homemade breakfast burritos on a 2-day camping trip (ummm yeah... they were REALLY good though), but when I got back into town and didn't feel like making dinner, I ordered a ginormous cheesy pizza.... ugh. Yes, it was wonderful, and I haven't had pizza in ages! But I've been over indulging quite a bit lately, and I need to get myself back under control.

It's kind of funny - I thought making the roller derby team would whip me into shape, and I'd drop pounds like crazy! Although I've been gaining strength, I haven't really lost any poundage - and I think I've actually been eating more since I'm so friggin' hungry after practices.

SO long story short, after this week - I'm cleanin' out the fridge, stockin' up on healthy goodies, and giving my body the stuff it needs to be a well-oiled-derby-playing machine... and not a big ol' slug! :)

UPDATE - I've been finding motivation today on the "Oh She Glows" blog. This girlie comes up with some awesome looking vegan recipes, and her weight loss is really inspirational. Check it out!


Laura said...

Hi! I found your blog because of the link on Bikes and the City. I'm a former vegan also. It really seems to be a good thing to do. I thought about what I was eating way more when I was vegan and without that restriction I kind of don't care what I eat so I eat poorly. It's cool that you're going to try it again. I always hated going out to eat vegan though, it's a headache. So it's probably good to be flexible about it and not feel stressed out about the little things. Good luck!

Beth B said...

I totally agree - it's a GREAT move! :) Eating out is definitely harder that's for sure, but I try to have a big say in what restaurant we go to... (TRY being the operative word). Haha!

Thanks for the good luck wish! :)