Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Tattoos! HOORAY!

Another busy day today, but I had to post about my new tattoos! Last night I finally got the chance to get tattooed by my wonderfully talented friend Jesse. He started apprenticing at Ananda Art & Tattoo in Denver under the guy that did my red fish & pin-up girl. (Yeah, I kinda put in the good word for him for that one. He owes me big time.... which is why I got these babies free. I couldn't walk away without giving him anything though, so I still kicked him some cash. Gotta help out your friends, ya know?)

The word on the left is "Tata" (which means Daddy in Polish), and on the right is "Mamma" (which is Mommy in Italian). I had to get something to represent my awesome parents... although I guess I'm a walking representation all the time, aren't I? Haha!

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