Monday, June 21, 2010

Westword Music Showcase & Pride Parade

OK - since I'm lazy and don't feel like scooting all of these pictures around, scroll down to read the start of my post! I had to add these pictures though, as somebody (not myself) was smart enough to bring a camera to the Pride Fest Parade! So luckily we got some hilarious pictures along the way.... enjoy!

Team Photo - aren't we cute!! I'm all the way in the back on the right - just my lil' head is popping out....

Circle dance!!

....and me falling down! (I love how everyone is turned towards me in this one - so funny.)
Those roads were so darn bumpy in areas - it was really hard to skate! I should've had a talk with the mayor when I had the chance... (scroll to bottom of post for that)...

I was having SO much fun here.... this was towards the end of the parade - I could not get the smile off my face!! :)

And here we are - back at the beginning of the post again! :)

This weekend was another one of those "so-much-fun-crap-going-on-how-do-i-fit-it-all-in" ones. You know how those are, right? :)

Friday night we hit up the Highlands cruiser ride (that was an entire night of debauchery that I got no photo evidence of at all - kind of a shame really), then Saturday we attended the Westword Music Showcase. A full day of music & good times! The photo above was actually snapped by a Westword employee, and ended up in their photo slideshow online - pretty rad!

This band we stopped in to see randomly just because Kim (pictured below) thought they sounded nice when we were walking by. Turns out, they're actually AMAZING, and I'm so glad we checked them out! They're called Churchill, and they're a local Denver band. Really beautiful music / vocals / lyrics, and a sound you could get your toes tappin' to. Their next gig in Denver is on July 2nd, so check out their Facebook page for more info!

Having fun with the camera!

Cute lil' Shauna - so excited about the next show!

Speaking of the next band - they were CRAZY good!! They're a hip-hop band called Pirate Signal, and their energy was off the charts. They really got the crowd into it, and we definitely went NUTS for them!


It was definitely a gorgeous day to be outside.... we all got some sun that's for sure.

The main stage... and the Dirty Projectors!

Brian to Kim (once she starts dancing in front of him): "I want no part of this".
He's so funny. She was dancin' with him - with or without him! Wait....

So that was Saturday....
...Sunday, me and the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls skated in the Gay Pride Parade!! It was SO much fun, and I swear it took a good 30 minutes to wipe the smile off my face. But of course, I FORGOT MY CAMERA! Yes, me - the girl who brings her freakin' camera with her EVERYWHERE left it in her bag at the RMRG merchandise booth. Luckily some other girls were more camera-memory-savvy, and got some great pictures. This one below is of us with the mayor of Denver, John Hickenlooper! We ran into him right at the end of the parade route, and couldn't resist the perfect picture moment.

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