Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I heart sparkle eyeliner!

Ever since I was a kid, I loved glitter. Glittery bouncy balls, glitter streamers, glitter erasers, glitter nailpolish - if there was ever a choice of sparkles versus no sparkles, I always went with the former.

Maybe that's why I love David Bowie so much? Nah... he's still rad without the glitter.

When I began experimenting with makeup in college, I was thoroughly disappointed that I was never able to find glitter eyeliner. I even considered putting something sticky on my eyelids & dousing them with craft glitter, but it just seemed like it'd be a messy disaster.

Then... 3 years ago.... I discovered the Urban Decay makeup line.... and their GLORIOUS glitter eyeliner (and eyeshadow gels). I was in heaven!

You can get these babies at Sephora or Ulta - or straight from
the source. They're a little more pricey than other brands, but totally worth it! I like to put a similar color of pencil eyeliner underneath to really make 'em pop.


BATass said...

i love glitter more than i should. and guess what? i use craft glitter! ask any of my teammates and they'll tell you i'm a pro with it and it's only endearingly messy. i have been eyeing urban decay's heavy metals in the mags for a while.. but i frequent joanne's and michael's and hobby lobby WAY more often than any makeup stores.

Beth B said...

WHOA! That's awesome!! I'm going to have to try that craft glitter myself then... a bit less expensive than the alternative too. :) Thanks for the tip!