Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yoko Ono - What a Lady

I've always known about Yoko Ono, and about her relationship with John Lennon (you'd have to be living under a rock in the deep dark ocean to not). But I didn't realize what a wise woman she is! I'm on an email list for BUST.COM (one of my favorite websites / magazines), and they wrote an article about how every Friday she does a Q & A day on her Twitter page -

I read through these, and found them lovely and right on point. The 2nd one is pretty much my favorite. Now I won't feel so bad about switching to flats these days.... they're more comfy anyway! Go, Yoko, Go!

Do you regard yourself as a feminist? I regard myself as a woman. And for a woman in this society, we have no choice but to be a feminist first, and sympathizer of men second. I say this, because I know that many men who are still sane, are all suffering, too, in many ways. Give them understanding and sympathy.

Do you have any advice for a woman who is searching for her higher self? Higher mind? Higher truths?
Just be yourself. You help the world by being you, not by wearing a pair of high heeled shoes.

If women had more control of the world, how would things change for the better? Why do men seem to cause so much more grief? I think we should give a rest to the guys. They certainly need it. Give us, women, a few decades or a century. After that, we should go fifty/fifty. The guys who were sitting and watching us women do the job, will then be in a position to come in again with their new wisdom. Our planet will need all the energy we can muster to deal with other planets of the Universe, successfully. So we’ll do it together – woman and man.

I’d love to know how to not get discouraged fighting for Gay equality. It feels like we’re going backwards.
That’s because you are relying on the approval of politicians who represent the majority. The fight, therefore, is doomed to be difficult. Don’t be discouraged, moan or be angry. Just know that it’s a difficult game, and play it with joy. One day you will have a surprise!

How does a non conformist woman keep her spirits up in a world where women are often considered as less important than men?
I think what we think of women is more important than what others may think of us. I think of women with pride and dignity. I think we are hot! We are the hottest! And we will prove it by the miracles we create for the world. They need us.

How do you view female artists?
There are still difficulty of being a woman in any field. Because it is still a male society. But we’ll get around it. If we come up with ideas they need to use, they will. Men are very pragmatic that way…or shall I say, the world is? You may not get much credit for what you do, but you get the pleasure of knowing that you have done something for the progression of the society, or, if you are an artist, for the art world. It’s very similar to our role of having kids. Mothers’ role in this society is a painful one. You don’t get properly credited or assisted. But we have the pleasure of knowing that we created miracles called the future of the human race.

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