Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My New Journal & Vegan Cookbook!

One of the wonderfully generous comedians that we work for dropped off a $50 gift card to the Tattered Cover as a Christmas present yesterday! I couldn't have been more thrilled - the Tattered Cover is a locally owned bookstore in Denver, and one of my favorite places to kill a few hours wandering around.

Today I stopped over there on my break (fighting the wind and big fat snowflakes), and picked up a new adorable journal designed by this amazing artist: The image pictured is the one that I picked out - it says "I am fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world". I think that's a lovely personal motto, don't you?

I also got "How it All Vegan" - an awesome vegan cookbook that I've been wanting to check out for a while! Here is their website, just FYI: Just flipping through it got me all excited to try out the recipes. They look really simple, and super fun to try. I was really relieved to see that the preparations are very brief, as my attention span for long instructions pairs in tandem with my attention span for reading a manual for... well anything. AND this works out great with my "Eat to Live" plan, as being vegan means no dairy or animal products (which I wanted to do anyways), and I can limit the salt & such. I'm so excited! Now I just need to get a good food processor.... guess who's birthday is coming up in March?


Nikki Fantastico said...

ohhh, nice bloggity blog! SO! I was a vegetarian for years and my old roommate of 2 1/2 years was a hardcore vegan. He taught me a lot about animal free meals. I'm full of yummy recipes! We should prepare a delicious dinner together one night! It could be fabulous. Dinner and some awesome vampire movie? I think YES! :)

This is Nikki by the way! Nikki, Nichole, niknakpadywhak, Nik-dawg, RyanLees girlfriend, Gretchen McWreckin. You know who I am ;)

Beth B said...

Haha! That was the best comment ever, Nikki! I read the whole top part and thought "who is this crazy blogger that I don't know that wants to have dinner with me?" - but I know you! :)

That would be Nikki Fantastico! Vegan food AND vampire movies? It's an oxymoron, yet 2 of my favorite things. I'm in!