Thursday, January 28, 2010

Avery's Sweet Salvation!

Last night I met up with some girlfriends at one of my favorite restaurants in Denver: City O City. Everything is vegetarian "comfort food", and it's absolutely delicious. We split the seitan buffalo wings (teriyaki style with vegan ranch), and I got the spinach salad (with candied walnuts, gorgonzola, sliced apple, and raspberry vinaigrette). Everything was soooo scrumptious, and the conversations and giggles never stopped.

I decided to get something a little different to drink, and ordered Avery's SALVATION (Belgian-style ale). It was ridiculously good, lightly sweet, teeny little bubbles, refreshing.... and 9% alcohol by volume! I certainly felt it when I was finished with the bottle, but I enjoyed it very much. I'm starting to think that these belgian-style beers are really my thing... I think I've loved every one I've tried!


LoLo said...

you look so cute here!!!

Beth B said...

Awww thanks, Lauren! Yah, I get pretty excited when I'm drinkin' the good stuff. :) HA!