Friday, January 15, 2010

Purse Snatchers SUCK

Last night we were at one of my favorite local hangouts having a wonderful time - right up until we were leaving and my friend realized her purse was gone.

Yes, someone stole my friend's purse! Right out from under our noses! I know from personal experience how awful it feels to have something like that happen to you. Your purse is such a personal thing, and it's just plain violating. I was furious to say the least, and my dreams last night mostly concerned me tracking down the thief and opening up a can of karate-style whoop ass, right in their disgusting awful faces.

It's one thing to rob from a store - that's bad enough. But stealing someone else's property really chaps my ass. My friend had everything in there - her brand new iPhone, her wallet (ID, credit cards, etc), favorite sunglasses, iPod, keys, etc. Many people would argue "it's all material shit anyways, and maybe this is a way of saying that these things shouldn't matter that much". But this isn't a girl who lives lavishly and throws her money on expensive crap. She worked to earn these things, then some idiot just came by and took it all away. It's infuriating.

Anyway - if any of you spot a light brown leather Banana Republic shoulder bag swinging on the arm of some tart in the Denver area, please bring her in for questioning immediately. Over & out.

UPDATE: The Denver Police just arrested the 2 suspects!! They lived in the apartment complex across the street from the bar we were at. The superintendent found a bag with my friend's ID and credit cards, and called her up! The woman had a warrant out for her arrest, and they FOUND HER PURSE in the woman's apartment! They arrested her, and my friend's iPod, swiss army knife, and sunglasses were actually still in the purse, along with all of her business cards. AMAZING.

I chalk that shit up to good karma. The Denver Police must get a hundred reports of stolen personal items a week - and out of all of those, ours turned up. Time to pay it forward!

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