Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Donating Blood

I'm going to donate blood today for the first time in about 10 years.

My first experience donating blood was not a very good one. It was in High School, and I really only did it so that I could skip class. I drank a ton of water because they said you needed to stay hydrated... but forgot that you should also have a full stomach too. So all my tummy was filled with was water, and not much else! The donation process went fine, but afterward while nibbling on my free cookie I started to feel woozy. I laid down on a bed and they had me breathe into a bag, but then I realized I had to pee like crazy because I'd been drinking so much water!

My friend led me to the bathroom, and the moment I stood up from emptying my bladder I thought I was going to faint. She helped me lay down on a bench, but then I realized that I had to puke, but if I got up I'd pass out. The only trash can nearby was a huge cafeteria-sized one on wheels. She struggled to get it tipped over to where I was laying so that I could lean over and barf into it. Needless to say, the rest of the day I was completely out of commission.

And now, for some reason, I've decided to give it another shot! If I'm remembering correctly, I'm O positive, which means that my blood type can be used by all others (except O negative). I think that's right, anyway. My point is, that my blood is in high demand and I SHOULD be donating!

I tried to sign up last year, but there's this stupid law in place in Colorado where you have to wait 12 full months after getting a tattoo to be eligible. I just realized this month that it has been 18 for me, so I can finally do it again!

So I'm ridiculously nervous, but glad that I can help my community and possibly save someone's life. I really hope I don't barf this time.

UPDATE: My donation time has been postponed 'cause I had to identify my friend's purse thief during my appointment time! See my post "Purse Snatchers Suck" for the full story... Don't worry - I rescheduled for February to donate. :)

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