Friday, January 8, 2010

Yes Men VS Maybe Men

I'm starting to think that life is too short to settle for "maybe".

I love who I am, and the person that I've become. I'm so lucky to have so many wonderful friends and family around me, that I know love me like crazy. Yet, why do I get discouraged when I barely know a guy - and he's not sure whether or not he wants me?

Of all the things I've learned, I know that I deserve to be wanted. I deserve to be needed and loved by someone. When I meet someone who isn't sure about me - isn't sure of whether or not they want to be with me - I think, that there has to be someone out there who is sure. Who knows after meeting me or after a bit of time that YES, I am the girl they want. All of my quirky qualities, my fashion experiments, my humor, my faults. Someone who will at least take the chance to get to know me and see me for everything that I am before making a decision either way.

This is who I am. I don't like to put expectations on anyone, or any situation, but I know all of this about myself and that it means something very real to me.

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