Monday, January 11, 2010

How to eat a pomegranate ... and LOVE IT!

Pomegranates have always intimidated me. They're funny lookin', you're supposed to eat the seeds, and Lord only knows how the heck to get them out of there without making a complete mess!

Oh wait - my friend Katy knows too!

Katy brought a pomegranate over as dessert for dinner one night. I watched her intently to see how she worked her magic, and I could've smacked myself in the forehead for not seeing the simplicity. So here's what you do:

1.) Cut off the pokey end of the fruit so that you have a flat base.
2.) Set the fruit on it's now-flat base, and cut it into 4 quarters.
3.) Fill a large mixing bowl with water, almost to the top.
4.) Take a slice of the pomegranate and dunk it under the water. While holding it under, run your thumb over the seeds to pop them out of the shell. Don't worry too much about scraping off the rind in the water, as you'll see - the seeds will sink to the bottom, and the rind will float to the top!
5.) Continue with the other slices, then either use a strainer or your hand to scoop out the rind that has floated to the top of the bowl.
6.) Drain the seeds, and enjoy!

The mystery has been solved, and with no mess of pink juice all over your kitchen and yourself. You can buy the seeds already out of the shell at Whole Foods in a neat little container, but it'll probably cost you about 5x more than just doing a bit of work yourself. And, it's fun!

Mmmmm, antioxidants!


Chris said...

That's a great way! My method is a bit more dramatic - I cut the pom in half, then hold one hlaf over a bowl and whack the outside of it with a wooden spoon all over. The seeds fall out into the bowl, and any pith that comes with is easy to pick out. Just be careful not to whack your hand!

Beth B said...

Oooo - that's a good one too! Great way to get out all your aggression too. :) Haha!