Friday, July 30, 2010

Shoppin' treasures...

I went shopping last weekend.

NO - I didn't need any of it! But, man - I was itchin' for some new stuff. I tend to keep on the cheap side of things, so I don't really feel all that bad when I go on a "shopping spree" - especially since my "sprees" usually don't end up costing me more than $80-$100. Not too shabby!

I got these FABULOUS feather earrings from Forever 21 ($4), that I thought would look totally fun in contrast to my uber pink hair. Turns out, they do!

This photo (below) is a little bit overexposed, but I still think it's cute. :)

I got these rockin' pink kitten-heels at True Love - my favorite local non-corporate shoe store in Denver. Not only are the shoes adorable, but ridiculously affordable - they don't sell anything that will cost you more than $48 (even the boots)!! These pretty pink lovelies were about $30, and I can't stop wearing them. Dress shoes that don't hurt my feet? Yes, please!
I just love the way the light worked in this photo - totally rockin'!! :)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend - I sure as heckfire know I'm looking forward to mine!

And just for fun (it IS Friday, mind you), here are some hilarious illustrations by the very talented Alex Noriega. You should definitely check out the rest of them on his blog, Stuff No One Told Me (but I learned anyway). Trust me, you'll love them.

All art property of Alex Noriega -
Thanks for sharing your art with the world, Alex!

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