Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Avocado "Cream" Pasta with Egg

I don't think I ever ended up sharing this recipe, and I totally wanted to!

I was craving something really rich & creamy one night, but wanted to keep it dairy-free. How the heck do you do that? Why, with avocados of course!

First I cooked up some twirly rice pasta (yes, that's the technical term), to keep things gluten-free. I sauteed some minced onions & garlic in a pan, then tossed everything in with the pasta.

Next I scooped everything out of a ripe avocado & mixed & mashed it until it was creamy. I added some salt & pepper at this point too.

After that, I fried up an egg in spray-oil (over easy, my favorite way to have 'em). I also think this would be lovely with a poached egg, but for the sake of ease I went for the over easy version.
I mixed the avocado with the pasta, topped it with the egg, then sprinkled everything with fresh farmer's market diced tomatoes, and grated mozzarella rice cheese! YUM!

A refreshing glass of chardonnay balanced out the richness of this meal really well. And BOY is it rich! If your craving somethin' savory, this is a good way to do it slightly healthier than the heavy cream stuff. Avocados have good fats. Delicious, delicious good fats.


little miss vintage said...

Oh my god, this looks sooo yummy!

Dad/Papa/George/Super B/Jorge said...

Wow. Super-fantastic looking salad Sudden Beth. I'm gunna try it this weekend!

Beth B said...

Thanks guys! I love making up recipes (and having them work out). :) It was super easy too!