Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who has been slacking on posts?

Uhhhmmmm..... yeah, that'd be me!

Sorry for the lack of posts - I've been crazy busy lately!
In no particular order:

1.) My big sis and her boyfriend have been in town all weekend so I've been hangin' with them.
2.) I've been a bit boy-distracted lately... (yes, that means I've been dating somebody! Whoooot!)
3.) I had my first ROLLER DERBY bout on Sunday! It was amazing and SO much fun. I will have pics of me in action up very soon.
4.) I just found out I've been bumped up to Monday night practices with the big girls for derby! It's a big deal for me - it means I'm a step closer to being on an actual team within the RMRG league. I couldn't be more excited.

Since I took yesterday off work, I'm gonna be really busy for a little while, but please stay tuned!! I will have more fun stuff posted very soon! :)

My dad made this awesome video that I just got up on YouTube - it's so silly, I love it! My sister does a little dance that's really funny, and you get to see me sittin' in the penalty box. ;) I'm the one in the neon yellow leg warmers.... enjoy!

1 comment:

jakeisfantastic said...

I wish I could have made the roller derby! Next time....

Also, I like the layout of your blog!