Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh say can you seeeee.... My 4th of July Weekend!

Hey all! Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July / Independence Day weekend. I only found out the week before that I was getting Monday off work, so I didn't plan too much crazy stuff out - I kinda just ran around like a crazy girlie.

First thing's first - I had to figure out what to wear that incorporated Red White & Blue!!

I think my outfit ended up pretty dern cute - I figured my Rocky Mountain Rollergirl shirt even has a star on it! Woot! Although being miss matchey Mc-matcherson I was annoyed that my pink hair was a terrible contrast to the red in my outfits... but oh, well!

The weekend started off with the Punk Rock Fest with the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls.... if you can call it an actual Festival. It turned out to be a pretty terribly organized event, with the first band not starting 'till 11:30am - even though we had our merchandise booth set up at 9!! Ugh...
Oh, well - we still found plenty of ways to entertain ourselves...

Like changing out our wheels so that we could rollerskate around the parking lot...

Takin' photos of each other (and ourselves)...

Watching the very interesting "crowd" begin to form...

and playing with the microphones for the bands that did not show up! Ha!

After getting cleaned up a bit I headed to my friend Heather's to enjoy some laid-back patio hangout time... it was so great to get to know her better, and to enjoy the AWESOME view of the city!

Afterwards I joyfully rode my bike all the way to Benders (it really was a great ride - even though it started sprinkling a bit, it was really fun - although maybe the 3 glasses of wine helped with that! HA!). We went to see Julie's friend's band play some funk music (IFF - can't remember what that stands for), and to imbibe some more adult beverages.... some might say I had a bit too much...

....annnnnd there's some good proof right there!

Julie & Jen - they're so cute!! I love my new derby girlfriends!!

Although it would've been nice to see more people at the show, it was kind of fun having the entire bar to ourselves. We danced and played around the whole time - it was hilarious!

Julie even tried out her pole dancing / swinging skills. ;)

The next day I met up with my old childhood pal - Amy Bugg!! We haven't seen each other in about 11 years, and the magic of Facebook brought us back together again. Friggin' awesome.
We started out the day at Wash Park...

...where Geneva took my rollerskates for a spin on the grass...
A lot of places were closed for the holiday, so Amy & I ended up at Sputnik. I hadn't been there in ages, but I LOVE their food, and that they have so many vegetarian options. AND they had deep-fried Oreo Cookies which I FREAKED OUT over!! They were crazy good - kinda mushy, but they went great with my coffee. Amy got some of their famous sweet potato fries & their delicious mac & cheese, and I got a vegan breakfast burrito. Yum YUM!

Eventually we met back up with the crew at City Park to enjoy their free live Jazz music.

Amy & I enjoying some jazz - although we're a little bit blurry!

We got caught in a torrential downpour, and ended up huddling under a tree to try & stay dry! It was actually pretty darn beautiful though - as although the rain was coming down the sun was still shining. Yep, there was even a big huge rainbow!

After that, I came home, dried off, and enjoyed a glass of wine while watching Reno 911 - I was in bed by 11pm which was friggin' fantastic!!

I don't have any pics of my Monday, but it was bliss as well. My little sister Taryn and I did some light shopping at the stores on 13th Street, then headed to City O' City for some deeeeelicious vegetarian lunch. We split the seitan buffalo wings, Taryn got a breakfast burrito, and I got the tortilla espaniol (which was awesome). Taryn got a pink-lemonade cupcake to go, and we enjoyed a lazy cup o' joe at my apartment.

After Taryn left I hung out at home for a few hours just laaaazin' around (which I kinda wished would never end)! I eventually took a LONG bike ride (all uphill by the way) to Elitch Lanes to meet up with some work friends for a bowling/going-away party.

All-in-all: AWESOME weekend!! How was yours?

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