Thursday, July 22, 2010


Holy cow - how did I forget about this?? I saw "Inception" over the weekend, and it was AMAZING!! I get goosebumps just from the trailer alone, but the movie is off the charts. It was so refreshing to finally FINALLY see a new concept full of new ideas & imagery. It was SO nice to see a movie that wasn't the same regurgitated crap that we see so much these days (re-makes, sequels, books-made-movies).

It totally blew me away.

Oh, and I'm officially in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt now. You would be too. :)


LoLo said...

Speaking of JGL have you seen 500 days of Summer? He's in that and it's a really cute movie!! He sings in it!

Beth B said...

NO I haven't yet!! Thanks for reminding me though - I just reserved it at the library. :) YAY!