Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Figured it out!

Man, the past couple of weeks I've been exhausted, moody, had trouble getting out of bed EVERY morning - no matter how much sleep I get. What the heck has been wrong with me?

I've been eating super healthfully - TONS of fruits & veggies, not much alcohol, barely any caffeine, drinking tons of water. I've been working out like crazy too (derby 3x a week will do that to you). So what could possibly be wrong?

DER - CARBS!!! For the past couple of weeks, the only carbohydrates I've been getting are from the natural sugars in fruit. Sure, that's all good & well, but I haven't been getting it anywhere else!! In an effort to drop a few pounds before vacation at the end of the summer, I cut them out completely. Um, and I'm surprised that I'm exhausted all the time? DUH!

After nearly nodding off at my desk this morning (which I usually don't do), I realized I had to remedy the problem and quickly. I hightailed it to a sandwich shop and grabbed a veggie sandwich on a whole wheat bun, which I am happily scarfing down now. I'm already feeling better!

So everyone - learn from my mistake! We NEED carbs for energy! Especially if we're working out a lot. It's important - I swear. Science stuff - look it up.

I was uber bummed today too because of the overwhelmed stuff I was talking about here, and on top of all of that I had to take my car into the shop AGAIN (the 2nd time in a month)! I was wishing I could be like Poppy in "Happy Go Lucky" (pictured below). If you haven't seen the movie I would definitely recommend it - it's really super cute! Anyway, she is just happy. In life - in everything. She deals with the hard knocks, then keeps moving right along being happy.

Maybe part of me feels like it's been a little while since I've been truly blissfully happy, and really, I'm the only one who can change that. Moping around ain't gonna help (I'm not big on moping anyway), and whining to you guys ain't either (although encouraging words are always welcome)!

Part of me thought derby would change everything, but I guess there's more to it than that. I still have a lot to learn about myself, and a lot I want to work on. But I guess first thing's first.... eat carbs again! ;)

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