Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh, my aching backside...

Last night we had another "Derby Days" session, as tryouts for the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls are a mere 3 weeks away.

It was one of our most challenging training sessions yet, as we focused a lot on form (crossovers around the track), falling correctly (single knee falls, double knee falls, full body falls), and plow stops (where you slide your legs out in a V-shape and press your skates out to stop). We also really tried to keep in the low squat position, as that's the basic stance that we'll be in during a game.

I borrowed this photo from galieshinie's photostream on Flickr, as it illustrates the crouched stance pretty darn well.

And since I'm a lazy butt and have only been using these Derby Days as my workouts - I am seriously hurtin' today! I'm happy that I'm sore in all the right places (the back of my legs, and my butt), as I would certainly love to tone up that area. Only problem is I'm walking like I just got off a horse, and every time I go to the bathroom I wince when I have to get up! Eh, it'll be worth the temporary pain....eventually....

... I'd better start doing squats more regularly!

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