Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not really interested...

Last night I went out with a dude that was really nice, but that I'm really not interested in.

Honestly the whole thing felt exhausting. I knew that I wasn't attracted to him, but also knew that he was very sweet and a good dude - so why not give him a shot? I gave a deeeeep sigh before leaving my apartment (as I just didn't feel like making the effort), but still went into it thinking positively.

And I was right. He was very nice, but I'm definitely not attracted to him, and I found myself pretty darn bored with our waning conversations and awkward silences. I did not let him pay for my dinner (not that he offered), and afterward we hit up a Karaoke place which turned out to be the most fun part of the evening. Although we didn't really talk much through that part (just sung along to the songs).... so what does that say?

I just kind of feel annoyed with dating in general right now, and honestly don't feel like making the effort! Maybe it's lazy, but after a certain amount of time it's difficult to get up the energy. I love the time I spend with my friends and family - they are SO awesome. It's just hard for me to throw away time on someone I hardly know, who 99% of the time ends up not panning out! I always thought of myself as an optimist, and I feel like I am definitely that way about life in general. Maybe just at this point in my "dating" life the glass is looking more half-empty....

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