Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Early Birthday Dinner (at LaLa's!)

Last night I had a wonderful early birthday dinner with the family at LaLa's Wine Bar & Pizzeria.
It was SO ridiculously delicious!

The waitress was bubbly and had amazing taste - she recommended their Malbec, which was one of the best glasses of red wine I've ever had! I ordered the Salmon sandwich (which came with fresh greens, apples, brie, and apple butter - to DIE for!), and a side of the soup of the day. I pretty much had a food-gasm with the soup as well - it was a white bean soup (pureed so that it seemed more like a cream), sprinkled with some kind of tart cheese which was a lovely compliment, and drizzled with rosemary oil. I would've licked the bowl if I wasn't in public.

Everyone gave me some really lovely gifts.... Deb got me a gift card to Ulta (which I ALWAYS need!), Taryn got me a gift card to Illegal Pete's (which she gave to me while we were having lunch at Illegal Pete's - hilarious), and my parents got me "Wristcutters" on DVD (one of the best movies ever), two shirts, a bunch of gift cards (too many if you ask me!), a couple of bottles of red wine (my fav), and they took care of the amazing dinner. They are so awesome. Seriously. To top it all off, I had the yummiest dessert ever - homemade shortbread with basil gelato & strawberries (in picture). WOWZA. Our waitress even had the staff all sign a birthday card for me! I was totally impressed.

A big BIG thank you to my family & my wonderful friends for already making this birthday an awesome one! Ugh - I'm so freakin' lucky I could just barf. LOVE YOU GUYS!


lauren said...

oh goodness, i love wristcutters: a love story too.

Beth B said...

That song that the Russian guy sang (although I did find out that the music was performed by an actual punk band) was stuck in my head forever... "When there is trap / set out for you..." Awesome. :)