Monday, March 15, 2010

Hip Hop Rollerskating

Last night Katy & I met up with some new roller derby friends to hit up the Roller Skating Rink for "Adult Skate" night since the derby practice was canceled.

What we found were all of these hip young adults pretty much practicing what was once referred to as "Roller Disco" - but updated to hip-hop standards of fashion, music, and style!

We were totally surprised at how many people came out to do this type of roller-dancing, and how much of an underground culture it is. Us punk-looking rollergirls were kind of the odd ones out! It was really cool to watch the roller break-dancers though - they were my favorites. People would even do coordinated dance moves around the rink as though they'd been practicing them for weeks.

So if you ever hear of an Adult Skate night, be sure to check it out! Oh, and show up early because it gets pretty crowded. Half the fun is just watching the rest of the skaters do their thing!

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LoLo said...

FUN!! I want to go watch!!!