Monday, August 27, 2012

Waffle House

Apparently I've been on a bad-food-eating kick lately or something - but John and I decided to go to Waffle House the morning he left for vacation.

I have been craving some old-fashioned diner-style breakfast for a while now, and this totally hit the spot.  It was greasy and fatty and delicious and awful all at the same time.  HA!

I told John that I love the sounds at a diner.  The people shouting orders, the cooks shouting the orders back, the clattering of plates and the clinking of glasses and silverware, the sizzling of the grill.  The atmosphere is such a whirlwind but I love it!  And our server was friendly and nice, and I never saw the bottom of my coffee cup. :)

We shared one heck of a meal, and nearly finished the whole thing too!  We got the "cheesy grits" (middle right of the photo above), and I laughed hysterically when the plate was dropped in front of us.  Their version of cheese grits is a slice of cheese on top of regular grits!!   I couldn't help but giggle!

I think my favorite part was the raisin toast soaked in butter though.  *Drool!!

I probably won't do diner food again for a while, but this was a nice treat.  Our meal including tip was just under $20.  Can't beat that!


Robyn said...

There is no problem INDULGING every now and then!!! Justin and I will go get diner food like every couple of months... Waffles, rock!!! :)

Beth B said...

Heck yeah!! I completely agree. I felt a little sick afterwards (processed food will do that to ya), but it was still worth it. YUM!! :)