Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sherlock Holmes & other goings on

Last night I watched "Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows" for the first time. 

Personally, I thought the first film was pretty darn great and a ton of fun.  And this one definitely did not leave me dissapointed!  It was clever, funny, mysterious, full of action and fantastic special effects / camera work - I loved it! 

I've never read any of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories of the infamous Sherlock Holmes.  However, my sister has and she claims that these films have been pretty darn true to form.  She said "you know how he solves parts of the mystery without you knowing it, then they go back and tell you what he did and how he figured it out?  Yah, that's totally how they do it in the stories too!"  Pretty freakin' cool. 

And am I wrong, or is Robert Downey, Jr still sexy as hell??  Maybe it's just that he's the protagonist and the hero, yet can still make fun of himself.  And he looks quite dashing with a bit of grey and a few wrinkles if you ask me.  

ANYhoodle, it was fun and I'd highly recommend it.  In fact, I'll probably watch it again soon since John still hasn't seen it, and I kind of told him I'd watch it with him.  Whoops. :) 

Other than that, things have been pretty low-key lately!  John has been spending some time in the mountains biking and working with a friend, and I've been having a lot of lazy days at home (watching movies, Felicity, the Olympics, reading, etc). 

OH, and I finished "Eat Pray Love" which I really enjoyed!  Wonderful book!  

This weekend?  MORE CAMPING and I totally can't wait.  I really hope we can have a campfire (it's what I'm expecting now, so it would suck if we couldn't).  And even MORE CAMPING next weekend!!  Yep, two weekends in a row - I'm totally stoked.  And I'm realizing how much camping equipment I still need to invest in.  Haha! 

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