Tuesday, August 21, 2012

St Baldrick's - Head Shaving Event (UPDATE X2: We have a 3-person TEAM!)

My little sister is doing something pretty awesome for her 30th birthday. 

She found out that the St Baldrick's Foundation (which provides funding for kid's cancer research), is doing a head-shaving event to help raise money for their cause - on her actual birthday.  So instead of asking for gifts this year, she decided to raise money for the foundation and get her head shaved. 

For kids with cancer. 
How awesome is that? 

So we're making a little party of it, and going to Durango for the event that weekend!  It's going to be tons of fun, and who knows?  Maybe I'll be inspired to do the same myself.  Crazy, right??  Haha! 

I have always said that I wanted to shave my head at some point in my life.  Just to say that I did it.  And although I love my hair and have so much fun with it, it will grow back.  Probably much healthier too!  It'd be a clean start. 

I was also looking at their website, and so far this year 47,335 men have shaved their heads for the cause, and only 6,805 women have done the same.  Which is AWESOME, but c'mon ladies!  Let's up the ante a bit! :)  I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that the female donors are significantly less - our society has a lot of trouble accepting women with very short hair (especially a shaved head).  But can you imagine living out your adolescence without hair??  That already-awkward stage of your life would be even more difficult to handle.  So why not show those kids that not having hair is COOL!?  

Sometimes people can be so vain about their hair.  Heck, I'm guilty of it myself!  It's one thing to look nice, but to pay hundreds of dollars every month / every other month for a professional dye job?  Thousands of dollars for extensions?  (Sorry, Angela - I had to say it!  I still love you just the way you are). :)  Even the cost of hair products, trims, home hair-dyes (which screw up the environment anyway), just seems like a waste of money and time.  Aren't there better things to spend our money and time on?  

Those are all of the things I'm thinking of here.  Not that I'd go bald forever mind you, but once?  Why not?  
And really, women are so beautiful even without their hair.  Allow me prove that point... 

Mena Suvari - still stunning!

Alek Wek - love her big huge smile.

I'm sure everyone remembers when Natalie Portman shaved her head on-screen for V for Vendetta.  She totally rocks it!

This is a beauty queen that shaved her head to support cancer research - how great is that?

This is one lady who actually shaved her head for St Baldricks!  Pretty awesome,  huh?  She totally rocks it too.

Eve Salvail - you might recognize her from a bit part she had in The Fifth Element.  Gorgeous! 

Throughout my search I found MANY many more beautiful women with shaved heads.  They're everywhere!! Oh and of course, all of the ladies (and guys) that donated their hair to this cause! 

I actually had a boyfriend once that told me in all seriousness that if I shaved my head he would break up with me.  Can you believe that?  Apparently my external beauty was more important to him than my internal beauty.  Needless to say, we aren't together anymore.  My current boyfriend's feelings on the matter? 

Me: "I'm thinking of shaving my head for that event my sister is doing..."
John: "Heck yeah!  Do it!"

Love this guy.

Here is Taryn's profile page if you want to make a donation.  Even just $5 helps - that's one Starbucks coffee - you can give that up one morning for kids with cancer, right?  :)

All pictures found on Pinterest or google image search (except the picture of my sister)

After thinking more and more about what an awesome thing my sister is doing, and thinking more & more about where I am in my life right now - I have decided to join her efforts!  Not just with fundraising support, but we are now a TEAM, and we're BOTH getting our heads shaved!!  I'm so freakin' excited. 

Here is a link to my personal page, and our team name is "Taryn it UP!"

Please support us in this cause to fight childhood cancer! :) 

Apparently this has gotten bigger than I'd ever imagined!!  My lovely co-blogger / derby wife, Megan, has also decided to join our team and have her head shaved too!!  WOWZA!! 

Our friends have been completely amazing in our fundraising efforts, and we've already raised over $1k to help the cause.  I'm in awe. :)  Please keep it coming - and spread the word too!  I would love it if our team made it to the $2k mark - or even surpassed it.  How completely exciting.    


Laura Castro said...

I'm also from Denver and I'll be shaving my head for this same foundation next month. I saw your after picture and you both look great! I'm so excited to do this!

Beth B said...

That's so awesome, Laura!! It was one of the best experiences I've ever had, and I'm so glad I did it. I'm so excited for you, and so thrilled that you're helping this great organization!! GOOD LUCK! :D