Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lazy Mornings / New-ish Sandals

There has been a lovely chill in the air lately in the mornings.
I LOVE it, and we've been leaving the windows open to enjoy the crisp morning air.
Only problem is... it's very very difficult to get out of our snuggly warm bed...

Most mornings I'm not even that sleepy!  It just feels so warm and comfortable to be snuggled under the covers when there's a chill in the air... sometimes it's nice just to enjoy the moment and stay in bed a little longer. :)

On another note, John and I made a little trip to some thrift stores to pick up some things for his first Burning Man experience!  He leaves this weekend, and he's so excited.  He wanted to get costumes and other fun stuff (I wrote about some of our conversations during the search on our other blog, here). 

I wasn't a huge help, but I did find these pretty rad sandals for only $5!!

After our camping trips the last couple of weekends (more about that soon), I realized I needed some water / camping sandals.  I thought these were kind of fun, and they'd work just fine!  Also if I want to go white water rafting next summer (which I really really hope to do again - it has been much too long), then I will need these big time! :) 

More to come soon... hope you're having a wonderful day!

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