Thursday, August 16, 2012

Busy Busy Bee...

Sorry I haven't been around lately.... I've been busy busy busy doing this:

The teddy bear is representing me in this picture.  If you didn't figure that out from the super cute glasses he's wearing!

And this:

I've been basically working my booty off at finding a new job.  It's been a long & hard journey, and I'm 7 1/2 months in - but I keep plugging away.  This week I've had more motivation than ever, and I'm hoping that by the end of next month I'll be in a new position where I can jump-start my career and do something that I truly care about! 

I want to be passionate about my job, and do something that makes me happy every day.  That's really what I want.  I don't care if I'm exhausted at the end of the day, or if I have to work long hours.  I don't care if I have to drive long distances, or get a little dirty.  I want to feel like what I do every day is not just for a paycheck - it's for a better world.  It's for a better future.  It's for a better me! 

And yes, I've been reading some pretty soul-searching books lately too (including The Alchemist for book club).  ;)

I will be back soon to give you an update!
Especially on all the camping... just like we're doing again this weekend!  Woohoo! 

All images found on Pinterest. 

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