Thursday, August 2, 2012

My friend Alyson - and her adventures

I used to work with a pretty rad girl named Alyson - she did graphic design where I work.  Then one day she told us she was quitting to live and work on a farm in Oregon for 6 weeks, then travel to another farm in California and see where she went from there.  

My jaw dropped.  I was so jealous!! 

She has completely inspired me to take a similar travel some day.  She started a blog called Sock Buns & Work Boots to update us all about her adventures.  I read it every day, and hope to someday share some of her experiences! 

Here are just a few photos about what she's been up to for the past few months from her amazing blog...

How cute and totally awesome is that?? 
This is one of my biggest goals to reach when I have my debt paid off.  I want to do the same thing!  My debt is holding me back though, because I still have to make minimum payments every month - and these are all unpaid internships.  You just go, work on the farm, learn, have fun, meet people, and they provide food & housing (even if that means just a spot to pitch your tent).  

It sounds amazing, and it's something that I will definitely do - hopefully next year, or at least by 2014!

What do YOU want to accomplish in the next year?  
The next five? 

Would you live & work on a farm for 6-weeks?  Get your hands dirty and live off the earth?

All photos are from Alyson's blog - and all are hers! 

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