Monday, July 2, 2012

Outdoor Furniture MAKEOVER!

My parents gave me their old outdoor furniture when I moved in with John, and it was in pretty bad shape...

The green color was all worn out, and the seat cushions didn't match (I think one of them was a replacement for one that was lost...)

They definitely needed a face-lift!

First, the cushions.  A squirrel tried to take the stuffing out of the striped one on the right, and I really wanted both of the cushions to match.  I don't have a sewing machine (nor do I know how to use one), and my hand-sewing is okay (at best).  So I had to think of another option. 

John and I made a run to Goodwill and I found these brightly colored pillowcases!!  They were $1.99 for the pair, so I snatched them up.

I stuffed the pillows into the cases (they fit just about perfectly - woohoo!), then taped over the ends with extra-strength Gorilla tape (about $4).

I know - I'm so classy.

Fudge helped watch the process. ;)

Yes, it looks a bit silly from the bottom, but you won't see that part!  Also, I figured it'd be a bonus to have the pillowcases removable, because at the beginning of every year I could wash them and then just slide them back on again.  Pretty smart, huh?  I was pretty proud of myself for thinking of that.  Haha!

Next thing to do was to spray paint the furniture.

We went to Home Depot and got a couple of cans of purple outdoor spray paint.  I totally underestimated how much paint it would take - so I had to go back and get a couple more cans.  Everything below took 4 cans of spray paint total (that includes a partial 2nd coat on both chairs for any spots I missed the first time over).

I sprayed them in the garage (with the door open), but I will definitely use a mask next time!!  I didn't think of it initially, and I had purple boogers the rest of the day.  Probably not the safest idea, and I'm kicking myself now for not wearing one!

But the chairs turned out great!! 

4 cans of spray paint at about $4.50 a piece = $18.00!

I waited a full hour and a half or so for them to dry.... then.... 

The finished product! 

Don't they just look wonderful?!  I love the bright and happy colors they bring to the front porch now.  They look so amazing, and I feel like I got all new furniture - but the update only cost me a total of about $25.00.  It was SO EASY - and it just took a few hours' time to complete.

That's pretty darn awesome. :)

Here's a side-by-side picture just for fun!  What a difference, huh?? :)


Sarah said...

They turned out fantastic! Great job!!!

Mom said...

Now as a finishing touch you need to put some flowers in those lovely pots!
Nice job, the purple is awesome!

Beth B said...

Thanks guys!! :) Actually, the pots are will soon have herbs growing in them - they've only just now begun to sprout! The red one is Cilantro, and the other is Parsley. Can't wait for the little guys to be fully grown!

patio furniture new York said...

This is an awesome make-over with your furniture. It looks like it is brand new again!

Lazy Susan Ltd said...

Purple made your outdoor furnishings look more pleasant and inviting. The way you made those cushions is impressive too. Congrats for a splendid makeover!

Rattan Furniture Solutions said...

That lavender and pink combination is simply a beauty! That is indeed one fine patio furniture set! :)