Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My 2012 New Year's Resolutions - HALFWAY POINT

Hey gang! 

Remember all of those goals I posted about accomplishing in 2012?  Well I thought I'd post about how I'm doing so far!  Mostly just to keep myself on track.... :) 

Here goes! 

Lose 40 pounds (and keep it off!)  - working on it!!  I’m down 15 pounds at the moment.  WOOT!  But really, I'm pretty darn OK with not meeting this goal.  I love my body, and I need to stop worrying so much about the scale.  I need to focus on eating right and exercising regularly!  On that note... 

Exercise at least 5x a week  - I have been kicking BUTT at this!  Even if it's just going for a long walk or something, I feel like I've been SO much better about moving every day.  Just need to keep it up! 

Not purchase any cheese or dairy from the grocery store all year (no butter, cream cheese, or anything like that either – unless it’s vegan, and I absolutely require it) – Yeahhhhh....this one has been a total failure.  Haha!  I went about 3 months, then caved.  But I’ve certainly been buying vegan cheese more than regular!  
Visit my grandma in Erie  - DONE!  Booyah! 
Find a new job that I love  - sigh, still working on this.  Slowly but surely… I’ve had 6 interviews so far that went amazing, but still no offer yet (well, I did have one that I turned down for personal reasons).  It’ll happen – I just have to keep plugging along!  Fingers crossed that it will happen soon! 
Find a way to SING more!  On stage, with a choir, karaoke, open mic – I don’t care, but I want to do it a lot more!  - Gotta get on this one more too… I’ve done some karaoke nights, and I sung the anthem at a couple of derby bouts (and am scheduled to do another in July).  It’s going, but I need to get on this more somehow!

Pay off ANOTHER credit card – I’m SO CLOSE to getting there!  SO CLOSE!  

Start a garden / growing my own herbs & food – Herbs yes, food is coming too!  Our zucchini and cucumber plants are doing AMAZING!  I am hoping to get the beets and broccoli planted soon as well.

Rally the troops (my friends & family) and make a crazy huge donation to a charity (whether with food, money, supplies, or with our time).  Preferably do this with at least 2 charities.   - Whoa!  I kinda forgot about this one.  WHOOPS!  Better get on it! 
Make more of an effort to dress more fashionably.  I sometimes fall into a pattern of being a bit too relaxed with my day-to-day wear since I can wear whatever I want to work.  I want to look GOOD (which in turn will make me feel good!)  - Definitely been kicking ass at this one too!  I feel pretty awesome about it, and I've been getting more creative with my outfits, and really rockin' my personal style.  Go me! 
Remind myself daily that what I choose to eat directly corresponds to how I feel, how I look, and the world around me. - Yep, that's been going pretty well too.  Not every single day, but I am reminding myself of that. 
Run a 10k (without stopping) - Well, I was doing pretty good with the 5k goal!  Ha!  I need to get back into this as well - I do miss running.  I've been walking a LOT (which I really enjoy), but I'd love to get back on track with running.  It's such a liberating feeling to just run run run!

Take a vacation - Not yet!  But John and I are hoping to take some kind of tropical vacation before the end of the year... :)  SO excited... 

 Why, no - I wouldn't mind going somewhere just like this!!

So there you have it!  I still have a ways to go, but luckily I have another 6 months to figure that out... here's hoping I can stay on track! 

On a completely unrelated note, I am thinking about something like this for my next haircut (when I go short again).... 

I've been pinning like crazy all kinds of fun hairstyles like this!  Whaddaya think!? :) 

All images found on Pinterest.  'Cause it's AWESOME over there! 

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