Friday, July 20, 2012

Lacking Nightlife

Lately, I haven't been getting out much.

By "out" I mean - going out on the town, meeting new people, checking out the new neighborhood bar, getting dolled up, going out for breakfast, going out dancing.

I'm sure that part of my problem is my Spending Fast... well, I guess it's more like part of the solution (just in a different way).

But I feel a bit like I'm missing out.  Not sure why.  I'm enjoying the quiet time (at home, hanging out, reading, even socializing with friends in a house-setting), but I'm kind of missing the going-out-party-time that I haven't encountered in a while.

Maybe it's also getting a little older?  I do notice that I get tired around 10:00 - which is the ideal time for hitting the town - and lately a Friday night in sounds much better than stumbling home at 2:00am.  I do enjoy my weekend mornings, as much as I enjoy my weekend nights.

I feel like it's a strange transitional time for me.  I'm moving more into "adulthood" (whatever that may be), and letting go of things that I cared about when I was a bit younger.  I still love to go out and have a good time, but I also hate hangovers - and I also love my mornings now.  I'm loving the new, but I still love the old.  I'm hanging on, but letting go.

Just thoughts I've been having lately!

Does anybody else out there feel this way?  Is anyone else having this dilemma?  Such a strange time.  It's good and weird and awesome and scary all at at once.  Guess that's what change is, huh?


Kendra said...

I've been in such a funk for the past 2 weeks and I think it's because I'm not doing much either! It feels like Denver kind of shuts down for the hot days (which we've had so many of), because I've heard a few people feel the same way as you.

Beth B said...

I'm glad to hear we're both in similar boats! Haha! We must get out more often - or schedule a girl's night soon or something!! I totally agree - the heat has probably been getting to us. It definitely makes me a bit lazier... ;)