Thursday, July 5, 2012

More Curly Hair FUN!

Hope you all had a VERY fun and safe 4th of July!  The day off mid-week totally screwed me up (I kept thinking it was Sunday all day long), but we managed to party our socks off, and now I'm exhausted.  Luckily we're in for a fun-filled camping weekend - and I can't wait to get away!  But other than that...

...I've been having some hair-styling fun lately! 

After watching the Victory Rolls tutorial again (that I posted here - it's at the very bottom), I decided that I just wanted to have some fun with curls.  SO that's exactly what I did! 

I have been getting so many compliments on my hair when I style it like this - and it's actually pretty darn easy!  It's also GREAT to do when you don't feel like washing your hair.  :) 

I just section my hair in half - and put up the top portion.  I start in the front and work my way around curling small pieces (just like she does in the video).  I carefully hold on to each curl as I drop it from the curling iron, then clip the curl in place.  

I finish by doing the top section, and lightly spraying my hair all over with hairspray.  

I let them cool for about 10 minutes or so (usually that's when I eat my breakfast), then carefully remove all of the clips.  

I gently finger-comb them out, and....

 ...VOILA!  Beautifully curly hairs! 

(yes, I cleaned my mirror AFTER taking this shot.  Sheesh, you'd think I'd learn from last time!)

I love how full it makes my hair look, and it's just super fun to swish around!  I'm totally getting the hang of making the curls too (it takes a little practice), and I'm getting faster & faster.  The curls stay in ALL DAY which is SO awesome!  I never thought I could make that work!  Although I did realize they don't stay in if you have to wear a full-face helmet (as I do when I ride my scooter).  They will flatten right out - just a warning! 

OH, and just so you know what I'm working with - I have thick, coarse, naturally wavy, dry hair.  I'm sure this style would work great with fair hair, but you may have to use a bit stronger hairspray.  As far as thick, naturally straight hair goes - I have no idea if this will work.  I know that it's very hard to hold curls with thick straight hair, but hey, it's worth a shot! :)

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