Tuesday, August 2, 2011

All moved in! Finally!

Sorry about the lack of posts - it was one helluva weekend! 

I got all moved into John's place in record time - it was amazing.  I have the most wonderful friends on the planet, I swear.  About 15 people showed up to lend a helping hand, and we had all of my stuff into John's in an hour and a half.  It was probably the easiest move I've ever done! 

The hard part has been actually figuring out where to put stuff!  It's been a long time since I've combined my stuff with someone else's, so it has been interesting trying to figure that all out.  I think the hardest part was the KITCHEN!  Two foodies converging in one small kitchen - wowza.  That's a lot of equipment!  The good news is that we now have about 2-3 of everything.  So if one is dirty, we can always grab a back-up!  

John has been so great and helpful and easygoing about the whole thing too.  I've never lived with a boy before, and he's made the transition really easy for me.  Part of the reason why I love him so much!! 

Anyway, I hope to have pics of the new place up soon - I just gotta get everything put away first.  
To make up for my lack of posts, here are some pictures of puppies. 

All images from www.weheartit.com.

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