Friday, August 26, 2011

Ryan & Amanda's Wedding

At the end of July, one of my longtime-all-the-way-back-since-high-school friends got married.  Ryan and I have been friends forever, and I love the kid.  I'm so happy that he met a wonderful girl like Amanda!  

Their wedding was in a church with a gorgeous view of the mountains.  Amanda looked absolutely beautiful, and the ceremony was short & sweet.  The reception was back in town at the Mile High Station - right near where the Bronco's play at Mile High Stadium!  The venue was gorgeous, and we had a blast dancing the night away. 

 My parents have known Ryan about as long as I have, so they were there too!  My Dad with our friend Kat. 
The centerpieces - aren't they lovely?? 

 Katy & George - pics of their wedding coming soon!  I was glad we were all at a table together - I love these guys. 

Me and my mom - she's laughing at something, but I have no idea what!  Like mother like daughter I guess! 

 My little sis & mom - I love this picture! 

 My dad & my mom - already boogie-in'!  My mom REALLY wanted to dance at this wedding, and she pretty much grabbed anyone she could find to be her partner!  It was pretty hilarious! :) 

 THE FOOD.  Holy crap - it was delicious.  I think that was the first thing I said to Ryan when I finally got to congratulate them "THE FOOD WAS AWESOME!"  Yeah, I like food a lot.  It was all buffet-style, and oh-so-amazing.  The burger is actually a crab cake slider, and there were tons of veggie-friendly sides.  I was in heaven. 

There's a teeny tiny bride & groom back there doing their first dance, I swear. 

 There they are!  

 My parents still dancin'!  Told ya so... 

Meredith had some fun with the napkin rings.  Hilarious!

 Oh yes, there was much dancing. 

 Whoa - bird's eye view!  If you'd been able to see down our shirts, I totally wouldn't have posted this.  I do have some modesty, you know. 

I feel like this is foreshadowing for Katy's wedding!

My little sis & me! 

We all had a wonderful time, and I'm so glad that I could be there to celebrate with everyone.  I have an amazing group of friends, and they seem to all be getting hitched this year!  LOVE THEM!!


Kendra said...

you go to the BEST weddings! looks like a great time (and yes, that food looks amazing).

the photo of you and your mom is a framer :)

Beth B said...

Just wait 'till you see the ones from Katy's! They've all been so awesome. :)

LOL! Right?? She'll kill me, but I think it's hilarious!