Thursday, August 4, 2011

Money Struggles.... GIFTS

Today I realized that one of my biggest struggles with not spending money, is stopping myself from buying gifts.  In this post I told you guys about how I'm doing a really strict Spending Diet right now, so that I can work towards paying off my debt.  

So far, things have been going pretty well.  Even with an unexpected deposit screw-up by my old landlord, I'm still doing OK - I'm actually tracking everything I spend money on, using my allowance every month on anything that's not on my "NEED" list, and I am saying "no" to extracurricular activities (or at least not spending money when I attend them).  

However, on my "WHAT I WILL NOT SPEND MONEY ON" list is something that I'm already having trouble with.  GIFTS.

I don't know why this one is so hard for me to avoid, but I've already slipped a few times by using my debit card for gifts when I'm only supposed to be using my "fun" cash for them (if I even give them at all).   

I just love seeing someone's expression when they get something wonderful.  I love feeling like I made them happy.  I love showing them that I care!  When I take the time to make handmade gifts I love that the best - because I really put my heart into it, and I know that my friend or family member knows that too.  (PS - if you ever need great handmade gift ideas, check out Design*Sponge.  I love it!)

The problem though, is that even handmade gifts cost a little money.  I came up with a creative gift idea for my friend's wedding (I can't say who or what b/c she may be reading this), but it still cost me about $20 for the supplies alone!  I know it'll be more meaningful because I'm making it personal, but still, it cost me money.  And I said I wouldn't spend money on gifts until I paid off my debt.  *DOH!*

I'm not really sure how I can get around this.  I hate the idea of showing up to a close friend / family member's birthday with nothing to give.  I can already feel the guilt and disappointment in my heart!  So sad!  I probably just need to get over it, as I know that these people will love me no matter what - and that's what's important.  I guess part of my problem is that I want them to know that I love THEM and that's why I feel as though gifts are so necessary...

...but in the scheme of things, I guess they're not necessary at all.  These people know I love them.  I tell them all the time.  I show them that I love them with my actions, and my support.  That's a kind of a gift, right?  Honestly, if my friends & family couldn't give me gifts for Christmas or my birthday or something, I'd be A-OK with it.  I have everything a girl could ever ask for.  Sure there are things that I might "WANT", but it's all material stuff anyway.  It doesn't matter in the long run!  What DOES matter is spending time with people you love... not money.  

Man, I hope reminding myself of that will make me better at this!  

All photos from We Heart It.


Crystle said...

I run into the DIY conundrum a lot as well. Yes it's better to craft a gift instead of purchasing one, but materials still have to come out of some sort of budget. That's why I like to use versatile materials.

I always seem to have extra fabric laying around :)

Beth B said...

That's a really good point! I need to start using craft materials that are recycled and/or that I've purchased from before.