Monday, August 29, 2011

Sushi Night!

The night before I left for New York, Geneva had some of us over for a homemade sushi night!  I never thought that homemade sushi could be as good as the kind in a restaurant, but boy, I was wrong.  Wes and Geneva were both a whiz in the kitchen, so we all just sat back & watched! 

Oooooooh yeah, baby!  I love me some sushi!  Still in the preparation phase, this stuff looks good enough for scarfin'. :) 

Jess & I watching the action! 

Everyone always converges in the kitchen, don't they?  It's a good place to be if you ask me. 

Our two amazing chefs!

More food preparing, and my hubby in his boot.  Poor fella has a stress fracture because of his marathon training!  Such a bummer.  Hopefully it heals up soon! 

Mason, "helping".  I think it's hilarious how animals always seem to be wherever you are - even if it means getting tripped over, or stepped on. 

Catchin' up, over some Sake of course!

Geneva's SUPER cool (and super colorful) back porch!  Love it!  It was such a lovely night - it was a perfect one for lounging around & eatin' some delicious food outside. 

Mmmmmm..... Sushi.  They seriously looked like something right out of a restaurant.  They did all different combinations too - avocado, cucumber, yellowtail, sweet potato, mango (my favorite), tuna, etc.

Sake it to me, baby!!  :)  I never drink Sake, but this was the perfect opportunity.  The plum wine was a little to sweet & syrupy for my taste, but the Sake (I think it was Diamond level for sweetness?) was absolutely perfect.

Oh yeah.  That's the good stuff. :)

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