Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Film on the Rocks - JURASSIC PARK

I think every single one of my friends has a story from the first time they saw "Jurassic Park".  It really was a pretty epic movie - and way ahead of it's time as far as special effects go.  

I remember I was about 12 or 13 years old when the movie first came out.  My family and I were on vacation somewhere (maybe South Carolina?), and we decided to go see it one night.  Mind you, I hadn't EVER seen a scary movie in my life at this point in time - and yet seeing Jurassic Park seemed like a brilliant idea.  

It was a tiny little theater in a mall, and we took up 5 of the 20 seats that were in there.  The movie began.  We laughed with the little jokes, we were confused with all of the science-ey "adult" talk... then the T-Rex got out of it's cage.  


My sisters and I were speechless the rest of the film.  Our eyes were glued open wide, and we clapped our hands over our mouths to stop from screaming.  We were frozen in terror but could not stop watching.  

All I could remember thinking was "DAMN those dinosaurs look SO REAL!!"  I'd never seen effects like that before in my life, and I was stunned.  Did they make REAL dinosaurs just for this movie??  I couldn't tell! 

Last week they screened this classic movie of my childhood at Red Rocks for their summer series "Film on the Rocks".  It was a perfectly gorgeous night, and a bunch of my friends came out!  

 Meredith getting her goodies unpacked & ready to go! 

Yeah, I'm pretty happy to be here too. 

Awww - I love these guys! 

Ryan is one of my favoritest people ever!!  We got to party at his wedding late last month - it was such a blast.  Love this guy! 

 Far, far in the distance you can see downtown Denver.  Red Rocks is such an amazing venue! 

This show was totally sold out (can you tell?) - I guess a lot of people share the same feelings as I do about this movie! 

I had to get a during-the-movie shot, and this was the best I could do.  The rest of the movie I wanted to pay attention! :)  

How do YOU feel about this film?  What's your story??


Crystle said...

I LOVE Jurassic Park! I'm adding it to the movie rental list.

Beth B said...

Heck yeah! It's funny how long it's been since I've seen it. I forgot how totally AWESOME it is!! :)