Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The new pad! (teaser)

I couldn't take photos of the WHOLE house, as we don't have everything set up yet, and I want it to be ready before showing it off! :) 

John and I were hard at work last night though: hanging pictures, rearranging, and in general just getting the place in order.  We managed to get a decent amount done, but I'm hoping to be fully ready to go after this weekend!  I guess we'll see how motivated I can be in one week!  

This is part of the living room area (by the front door).  We have the couches in place too, but I just like how this corner looks.  The windowsill between my two plants is Fudge the Cat's favorite place to sit.  

I'm hoping to get started on my dream front porch soon!  When it's done, this little window will look out onto the loveliness.  And Fudge can meow at us while we're out there. 

This is the wall facing the living room.  I was super excited to get all of these hung up!  I'm hoping to just keep adding too, and making it a big hodge-podge of awesome photos.  John and I just started hanging all of these up randomly together - it was some pretty rad teamwork. 

I didn't actually change much to the kitchen, but isn't it pretty?  Look at all that counter space - AND the new appliances!  There's a big counter to the left too, but you just can't see it in this photo.  Last night (when we were taking a break), John made homemade salsa, and I cooked us up a couple of quesadillas.  It was really fun cooking in tandem with somebody! 

My little desk area!  This is the room where John has his desk set up.  Basically we're back-to-back.  He works from home, so I think it's nice that he has a lot of space.  I really like my little set up here, and to be honest, I'm not really at my desk all that often!  Maybe sometime when I become a full-time blogger?  Oh wouldn't that be nice!! 

The hallway.  This is where ALL of my purses will go!  I may have to downgrade a bit... otherwise people will probably have trouble passing through this area.  I LOVE this painting too - I bought it off an artist selling his work on the street during the First Friday Art Walk that they do all year round here in Denver.  It's one of my most favorite things!

My "Beth" room.  It's a 3-bedroom house, but the rooms are pretty small.  We're using 1 room as our office, 1 room as our bedroom, and this room I got all to myself!  I have some of my things in there, but in general I'll use it as my little sanctuary when I need some me-time.  We set up a small twin bed, and John is going to hook up my old TV and VCR (yes I still own a VCR and VHS tapes).  We'll use it as a guest room too! 

And this is Fudge.  He seems pretty OK with me staying, so that's nice!  He made a little bed for himself behind my head on the couch when we were watching a movie a couple of nights ago.  He's so cute.  Even with the cat-boogers, and the 5am meow-ing, and the laying on the kitchen table... 
He must be really cute to make up for all of that! :) 
More pics to come!


Kendra said...

this was quite the teaser indeed! i love the mash-up of artwork and photos on the collage wall.

can we be professional bloggers together? we could start a small business! and hang out in the "beth space", watching old VHS tapes with fudge. it will be great.

Beth B said...

Thanks, Kendra!! :)
Oh man - YES PLEASE!! Can you just claim your a pro-blogger and get paid for it? That would be pretty rad.

I have "Clue" on VHS. 'Nuff said.