Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Castle Rock Wine Festival (and a bundle of joy!)

Over the weekend my mom and I (and some of her lady friends) went into Castle Rock (about 40 minutes South of Denver), to partake of their Wine Festival! 

27 local Colorado wineries came out to have us sample their goodies.  Although it was RIDICULOUSLY hot out (I think around 95, with no breeze, and full sun), we had a great time.  I got a little tipsy after trying everything, as most people do.  I was also ridiculously dehydrated afterwards!  We tried to drink a lot of water while we were there, but with the sun and the wine - it really wasn't enough.  

Riding the "shuttle" (school bus) to the festival!  This is Vicki - she's the one that my mom and I went to Sonoma, CA with when we did our little wine tour.  So we're pretty much wine-buddies at this point.

Me and my momma... love her! 

First taste of the day! 

This was our tasting glass.  I can't believe they gave us REAL glasses!  I just kept thinking of those little plastic glasses they give you at Beer Fest.  Of course, they hold that over a concrete floor, and most of the time everyone just goes to get hammered.  Us wine people are SO refined (says the girl who drinks straight out of the bottle when she's at a party).  

I love Vicki's expression in this one - classic!  Haha!  It's as though in the next moment she's going to say - "WELL?  How was it??"

I thought my earrings kinda looked like grapes, that's why I wore 'em. :)  Very colorful, rainbow-like grapes.  I'd drink that wine!  RAINBOW wine!

See what I mean about the sun?  This is right about when it's getting to us...

...and then we found THIS!!!  Holy cow.  We went bonkers for this stuff.  They had all different kinds of caramel dips, and chocolate dips.  They were all SO amazing and decadent!  My mom was nice enough to get me a container of this one - I was eating it with Saltine crackers last night.  Kind of an ironic way to eat such a decadent snack, but it was amazing!!  I think I tried every flavor, and they're all so scrumptious.  Check out their website here and get some for yourself: Sweet & Saucy.


That night when I got home, while nursing an early hangover - I received a text from Matt:
"And...we have a baby!"

My wonderful friend Nikki finally had her little baby boy, Nico.

Isn't he the most beautiful little thing?? 
Nikki, you amaze me. 

The proud (and very tired-looking) Papa!

My momma holding the little one... I was too scared to hold him yet - so fragile and breakable!  She had 3 of us though, so she's used to holding the little peanut.

Welcome to the light, little Nico. :)


Crystle said...

Wine fest and baby spice? I can think of no other greater joys in life!

Beth B said...

I feel the same way!! :)